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What is STARup?

STARup is a gathering of over 2,000 entrepreneurs, investors, corporate representatives and government officials and influencers from the Indian, Asian and European startup ecosystems. STARup, first launched in 2016, saw 700 leaders in the startup community coming together, while the second edition in May 2017 saw more than 1200 participants rock the city of Bengaluru.

STARup is the ultimate networking experience, ensuring you meet the right people, in the right business atmosphere through effective curation. Experienced entrepreneurs, active investors - both angels and institutions, influencers, facilitators and of course corporate representatives gather with only one agenda - BUSINESS.

Attend sessions, be part of workshops, engage in round table sessions, join panels, set up 1-on-1 meetings, pitch, party and of course don't ever stop networking. At the end of two days, we promise you will want more!



The world has moved on from only wallets and payment gateways, integrations, B2B, Blockchain, crypto currency, digital lending, cyber security, wealthtech, investtech, decision tools, big data & analytics are all making a difference. Where's your play?


By 2020, almost 50% of healthcare providers in developed countries will run cognitive analytics on patient data leading to reduced costs and mortality rates; soon after permanent disability may be reversed through science. Healthtech is embracing every horizontal technology to deliver a mindblowing array of possibilities and results. How are you changing lives?


Education is one of the most worked on fields in the start up ecosystem, yet we are barely scratching the surface, accessibility, availability, interest, engagement, attitude and aptitude mapping, alternate delivery, special needs, record keeping, employment solutions, employability solutions, career counselling, testing. the ambit is virtually endless and we are limited only by imagination. Have you cracked the code?


Blockchain, IoT, AI, ML, are all horizontals that are keeping hope for humanity in play as we apply them to problem after problem that ails the Blue Planet. These technologies and their myriad applications are quite literally the future of our way of life. What are you doing that fulfils a crying need for mankind?


The Cleantech and Energy sector is expected to become a multi trillion-dollar market - the largest market the world has ever known, with entrepreneurs being a key driver of innovation. The planet is struggling and needs smart, efficient, green solutions that not only stop taking, but start replenishing. How green is your endeavour?


As populations grow unstoppably and land doesnt, food will soon be a major concern. Agritech concerns itself with solutions for greater productivity, lesser wastage, better nutrient delivery, growing food across inhospitable landscapes and innovative substrates and ways of ensuring food security. Agritech aims at solving the foremost problem of the planet, where in this huge canvas, does your effort fit?


So we heard e-commerce is dead, and then it reinvented itself. This is the biggest portion of the start up play as companies across the globe find ways of increasing efficiencies, lowering costs, shaping and sharpening processes and optimizing results wherever businesses interacted with people or other businesses. Products, services, essentials, luxuries, common, niche, you name it. Its all here. Which bit are you in?

Space & Frontiertech

There is a revolution happening in terms of materials, ways and means to explore terrains and paradigms that have been alien to us till date. Space and Frontiertech include composites, prosthetics, vehicles, robots, analytics, predictive tech, anything and everything that allows us to seek hope for life in terrain which man has not yet successfully explored whether in outer space, miles below the surface of the oceans or in the throbbing hearts of Volcanoes. What are you doing to smash boundaries?


From designing to personalization to bespoke creations to fabrics to breathables to terrain gear to sharing to collectivizing wardrobes to tips and secrets and trends, the world of fashion fires imaginations across continents. There is space for everyone who wants to help the rest of mankind look and dress better. Where are you putting your stitch?

Media, Entertainment & Gaming

The single greatest gift of our burgeoning communications paradigm has been content. Variety, quality, languages, topics, moods, personalization, interpretations, delivery methods, optimizations, influencer mapping, tracking, evaluation; this is a world of scientific discovery and fantasy. Maximizing reach, impact, registration and outcomes are gods of communication. How well does your business talk?

Real Estate

Cities and towns are expanding and morphing faster than imaginations can comprehend. Traditional concepts of real estate, information, ownerships, sharing, business districts, zoning, nothing is as it used to be a few years ago. Real Estate players are predicting future needs and planning their fulfilment today. What are you building?


The world is running out of gas much faster than it is running out of time. As fuel reserves shrink, populations and their demand for transportation grows unabated. From the storied Elon Musk with his celebrated Tesla experiment to the quiet little eRickshaw, energy storage solutions, weight solutions, durability solutions, the eMobility sector is taking on some of the most crucial problems of humanity. How are you powering your drive?


An eminent cast of speakers will take the stage at STARup 2018 Mumbai. Watch this space, we will start bringing you names soon. To see the Speakers at STARup 2018 Delhi, Click Here.


Some of India's best known and most prolific investors will be on the Pitch Juries and in the Reverse Investor Pitches. We will start revealing these names soon. To see the list of Investors at STARup 2018 Delhi, Click Here.


Our partners and sponsors get the opportunity to showcase their innovations and breakthroughs to a wide background of attendee. With the summit hosting various sections, sponsors can be a part of Title, Track, Parallel Track, Investor Reverse Pitch or Startup Pitch sponsorship at the Summit. To see the list of Partners at STARup 2018 Delhi, Click Here.

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Investment Partners

Some of India's best known and most prolific investment partners will be attending STARup 2018 Mumbai. To see the Investment Partners at STARup 2018 Delhi, Click Here.

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STARup 2018 Mumbai will be attended by a cross section of eminent attendees from start up community, investor community, service providers and facilitators, corporate and regulatory bodies. To see the prominent attendees at STARup 2017 Delhi, Click Here.


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